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Inspired by Aboriginal Art, a dot art form where symbols tell a story, I, Gabriëlle Kocken, set my first dot in the year 2002. This dot is followed by millions more, the dots getting smaller and smaller, melting together into spiritual inspired and animating stories. This art form, called dotting, brings me into a meditative state which gives me insights, peace, harmony and even inner healing. It is an outlet for all that is going on in my life. It is my answer to a non-stoppable urge to share, tell, process and freeing of my emotions and feelings. My artwork and me develop and transform gradually. A painting can take many year to complete, as long as my process of progression in a certain matter takes.


Geïnspireerd door Aboriginal Art, een dot kunstvorm waar symbolen een verhaal vertellen, zet ik, Gabriëlle Kocken, mijn eerste stip in het jaar 2002. Deze stip wordt al snel gevolgd door miljoenen stippels, die steeds kleiner worden tevens samen smelten tot spiritueel geïnspireerde en bezielde verhalen. Deze kunstvorm, ook wel ‘dotting’ genoemd, brengt mij in een meditatieve staat die mij inzichten, vrede, harmonie en zelfs innerlijke genezing brengen. Het is voor mij een uitlaat klep voor wat er gaande is in mijn leven. Het is mijn antwoord op een niet te stoppen drang om mijn emoties en gevoelens te delen, te vertellen, te verwerken en daarmee vrij te zetten. Mijn werk en ik ontwikkelen en transformeren gaandeweg. Een schilderij kan vele jaren in beslag nemen gelang het proces van verwerking gaande is.

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Biography: born in Holland, 1963. 12 occupations, 13 insights. From Stewardess, director of a house for the homeless, theologian, social project developer, spiritual coach, curious and inquisitive parker, amazed hedonist, insightful and knowledgeable experience expert to mystic dot painter.

To try out her luck, in 1983 Gabrielle flew off to Canada. First she became a flight attendant. During a lay-over in Portugal, she had a profound experience that made her change direction in life.  She decided to study theology. During her studies she worked as director of a shelter for the homeless. She felt the shelter depressing and solicited free paint to enliven the home with wall decorations of her own design. Her talent was soon recognized, she was asked to decorate the theology department. Other projects followed, and wherever she lived the walls were creatively painted, expressing her mood of the time .

Once back in Holland, in 2000, she feels the need to sort, work through and express her emotions. She discovers ‘dotting’, a meditative art that helps calm and cleanse the mind. While dotting she often repeats mantras, prayers or contemplating spiritual, uplifting texts. In this state of inner calm, peace and quietness Gabrielle creates her art, inspired by and in harmony with her Higher Power. The result is magic, mystic and profound.

Biografie: Geboren in Nederland, 1963. 12 Ambachten, 13 inzichten. Van stewardess, coördinator daklozentehuis, theoloog, sociaal maatschappelijke projectontwikkelaar, spirituele coach, nieuwsgierig Aagje, verwonderde levensgenieter, inzichtrijke en kennis gevulde ervaringsdeskundige tot mystieke dot kunstenares.



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